cover of ssis 858 by hikaru nagi

Asuka Aka, a strikingly beautiful teacher, had always been the object of admiration for many of her students. Among them, Nagata, a quiet and introverted boy, became increasingly obsessed with her. He couldn't help but daydream about her, filling his notebooks with sketches of her elegant profile.

One fateful day,Nagata's world crumbled when he stumbled upon a secret: Asuka was romantically involved with a fellow teacher, a revelation that sent him spiraling into a maelstrom of jealousy and despair. Consumed by his unrequited love and the realization that his chances with Asuka were next to none, Nagata's infatuation took a dark turn. Blinded by his obsession, he resorted to extreme measures that would leave everyone in the school community shocked and horrified, as his actions would take a perilous and devastating turn.

hikaru advising nagata regarding his strange behaviour
nagata asking to meet with hikaru privately